LNG based.
Solid supply security. Competitive price.

UAB Elenger is a customer-oriented energy company that offers a range of natural gas solutions – including LNG – to business clients in Lithuania. We tailor our products and prices to meet our customers’ needs and do our best to match those needs with our opportunities.

At Elenger we assign a personal business relationship manager to every customer to ensure you get the level of customer service you deserve.

Elenger Group is one of the largest and most experienced private energy companies in the Baltic region, with direct access to both pipeline gas and LNG.

We are part of Infortar corporate group that includes Tallink, the leading ferry company in the Northern Baltic Sea region. Infortar’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

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Save on natural gas!

Don't be stuck with expensive gas contract. You can choose an independent supplier for your company.

LNG for off-grid properties

Liquefaction of natural gas enables to transport it to the areas and properties that are not served by gas pipelines. LNG supply security guaranteed.

Cleaner roads with CNG and LNG

Natural gas is a convenient transport fuel with remarkably lower emission compared to the traditional liquid fuels. Contribute to cleaner air!

5 tips to become more energy efficient

Following these five little tips will help your business save energy and become more cost-effective.

Natural gas - clean and competitive

Natural gas can be used for heating, industrial purposes and transport. Find the right solution for your business!

Gas is not a monopoly

Take a look at the development of the Lithuanian electricity and gas market, how we have got to where we are.

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